The 5 Best Money-Saving Travel Apps

Whether you’re a planner or a procrastinator, there are ways to avoid sky-high travel prices.  I’ve made it easy for you. Here are the top 5 money-saving sites you’re not using, but should be.



  • This app compares the top travel sites to find the best flight deals
  • You can save up to 60%
  • This app is easy to use and can show you which flights have the least hassle, because it tells you whether they tend to be delayed and by how much time
  • Hipmunk also allows you to set up alerts for a specific flight, and it lets you know when the fare goes up or goes up
  • This app also help you find deals on other travel necessities like hotels



  • This app is great for finding deals on both domestic and international flights because it compares the prices of flights across all possible airlines in seconds!
  • You can get alerts for low prices too!
  • Skyscanner also allows you to book tickets directly through the app with links provided to airlines or travel agents.



  • This app will help you know when to buy to make sure you’re getting the best flight rates
  • The Hopper app analyzes billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change, and tell you the best time to buy your tickets
  • You can also set up Hopper so that you can notified the moment prices drop and before they’re about to rise
  • You can even book flights with the tap of a button!



  • This app only promises BIG savings on same-day hotel deals. Which means you can stay at fancier hotels for a portion of the usual price
  • Deals go live at 9am every day!
  • Hotel Tonight has a feature called “Look Ahead” that gives you the next 7 days of inventory and tells you how much savings you can expect. So you can plan to be spontaneous!



  • You’ve probably used them to book a trip, but there’s plenty of ways they can save you money once you’re at your destination
  • You can find deals on luxury spas, dinners, and outdoor activities- for as much as 60 percent off
If you’re booking summer travel, flights anywhere are especially cheaper in August, because most people take vacations in June and July.
The first week in June, second week in July and the end of August are the cheapest times to travel. I also recommend you bundle your airfare and hotel.
There’s no app available, but “Google Flights” is a great resource! And so is this website for booking hotel rooms.



  • This site can save you money on your hotel reservation even if you’ve already made your travel plans
  • Backbid takes your existing hotel reservation and shops it around for better deals
  • Simply plug in the details, send Backbid the confirmation email from your hotel, and let the deals come to you!
If you’re worried about jet lag, this app can help you avoid the whole thing!

Skyzen logo


  • The app was developed with the International Air Transport Association
  • You enter your flight number and travel date, and Sky-Zen gives you a pre- and post-flight routine that will help you adjust!
  • It covers everything from when to sleep, to what you should eat
Happy traveling! Have any other good ones? Share!

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